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A different kind of a wedding tale

Should I get married? I have asked myself this question a lot. I have always had my reservations on the idea, partly because I didn’t know if I was ready for a commitment that serious. Partly because being a woman I needed to confront the surname changing situation, and I am not a fan of […]

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How to keep up with large prototypes in Xd

This November Adobe Xd provided a huge update during the annual conference Adobe MAX. It came with a lot of cool stuff, such as components states, real time collaboration, and more. I’ve been using this software for a little less than a year and I have to say, it has changed a lot in the […]


Podcasts to listen

This year has definitely been discovering podcasts for me. In Spanish One of my favourite podcasts in the whole world is “Entiende tu mente” (Understand your mind). It’s been a long time since the first episode I listened, and I have never stopped. In this podcast, there are three main figures, one coach – Monica […]

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My first 112 hours of Remote work

I started a new job around seven months ago with everything that comes with it. New people, new habits, new executives and the most exciting part of all, my new title is User Experience Designer. I have been longing to get to it and I finally did. There were a couple of things I had […]