Podcasts to listen

This year has definitely been discovering podcasts for me.

In Spanish

One of my favourite podcasts in the whole world is “Entiende tu mente” (Understand your mind). It’s been a long time since the first episode I listened, and I have never stopped. In this podcast, there are three main figures, one coach – Monica Gonzales, one psychotherapist – Luis Muiño and a former radio spokesmam – Molo Cebrian. The trio talks about mental difficulties and how to deal with different situations. I love it, because no matter how I am feeling the day I listen to an episode, my mood changes in just 20 minutes.

I discovered it one day when I was feeling particularly down and started searching for information in the internet. I stumbled upon a podcast stating “20 minutes to understand yourself better”. I gave it a try and I actually felt better, so I continued listening. The thing is, no matter what “hole” is in front of me, when they talk about serious problems and situations that people deal with, I get that feeling inside: “Thank god I am alive and actually fine!”

Another podcast that worths listening to in Spanish is “El arte de presentar“. Although, it’s been almost a year since the last episode, if you haven’t listened to this podcast you definitely should. They speak about presentations, how to sound confident and provide value to your audience at scale. I am sure there are a lot of people that are doing this kind of thing, but Gonzalo really walks the talk and it’s a pleasure to listen to him and his interviews.

In English

Well, since there has always been more content in English than any other language over the internet. It is normal that this list has more examples.

Lately, I find myslef listening to mainly four podcasts. One of them is Scriptnotes it is a podcast for screenwriters and things that are intersting to screenwriters. Well, I am not a writer, not even close to being one, but I do enjoy when John August and Craig Maizin speak their truth about very diverse topics. I also think that going out of my industry is actually beneficial to keep an open mind.

At work and in my personal life, I have been struggling with task organization and keeping things planned and thought out. Then, one day I found a podcast by a very famous author right on topic – Getting things done (of course). It has served me well to start applying concepts from David Allen’s book and to understand better problems that come with the lack of organization. I hope, I am getting better at it, but it will take time to master.

Another topic that is very dear to me is working remotely, or in distance or in distributed environments, whatever term you like. There is one podcast about things that happen to people that are working far away from one another and do not have an office. It is called Distributed by Matt Mullenweg. Since Automattic is 100% distributed, they have been dealing with those issues for a very long time. I find it important to listen to people that actually have the experience.

I tend to have troubles with sleeping. Sometimes, I wake up in the middle of the night and going back to sleep is very difficult. Another search result brought me to Tracks to relax. Since the first episode of sleeping meditation I listened, the meditations have worked like a charm every single night.

This is my current list of podcasts and reasons I find them interesting. Let me know if you agree or not with it.