Ingeniería de Control

The Responsible of the Local University’s Department of Control Engineering came to me and asked me to apply the University image to a mini-website that is explaining about the current projects they participate in and all the projects that have been completed.

I had to design the logos and color schemes for two brands

Ingeniería de Control (Control Engineering)

Ingeniería de Control de Anestesia ( Anesthesia Control Engineering )

I decided to go with the main idea behind Control Engineering which is a closed loop and then I came up with the following symbol which includes the letters ‘I’ and ‘C’ and could serve as a logo of the Department.

Additionally a website had to be published and we had to use the University pre-made template. The website is online and you can visit it here.

The Logo has three versions because of the size of the text it needed to include and the graphic spaces it needed to be applied to.