ClientCalzados PECA’S” (localised shoe stores chain)
WhenJul 2017 – Dec 2018
RoleContent Designer & Online Sales
Achievements Create and grow the social media following for the brand
Facebook – from 0 to 7000
Instagram – from 0 to 2300
Key ActivitiesContent creation strategy
New Collection’s product photography
Product Photo shoots – Urban, Studio, and In-store

Work at hand

A very well known brand of local shoe stores had decided to go out and create an online store. The initial situation was that there was clear warehouse management and connection through the database. The new collections dates were fixed, the new models were previously selected and following the seasons trends.

What was lacking was any material to create publications and social media posts. There was no product photography other than what the brands produced for their social media. Using those materials was not going to make the brand recognizable, nor remarkable. So early on, we decided to create unique material that promoted the products that were most likely to be trendy.

We did not have a person to model the shoes, so I had to get creative and started to create different compositions combining models by type, by size, and by colors, trying to make them appealing and interesting and it actually worked out pretty well, the following started growing steadyly.

After that period, we started having a person to model the shoes, so naturally the photo shoots got better and better.

My unique contribution to the project

Some of the unique angles of the produced images got re-posted by the brands and got a lot of interest on their social media profiles.

Studio Shoots

Interior Shoots

Urban Shoots

My takeaways

I worked at the head office of the company which was in constant connection with the warehouse and the development team responsible to connect the physical warehouse platform to the online sales platform. All of us were in constant connection, planning and managing every little task so everything can get done at the exact moment.

Did this work experience improve my career?

Absolutely! I learned how to manage a relatively big database of physical products. I learned how to create content calendar and post good content on social media. I observed continuous growing of the social following, and I also had a direct contact with the clients, which is very important to me.

These images are just a small part of what I did there.

*All the Pictures are property of: Calzados PECA’S Tenerife.