PRIS Sostenible

PRIS Tenerife

PRIS Sostenible is the name of an European Project that had the purpose to promote local fishing and communication between fisherman and customers who love fresh frish.

The main goal was to impove the overal user experience of this small fishermen local village that almost has no tourists visiting and it’s locked in a difficult to acces geography. There is a natural swimming pool at the coast and a little fishermen harbour and also a couple of restaurants.

The main idea was that if we can improve the exterior architecture and combine it with technology, we could create more interest about the place from the local people and may be even attract more tourists. The project consisted of two parts, architecture improvements and development of Android App for the fishermen to connect with potential customer offering directly their fresh product.

PRIS Tenerife Logo

PRIS Tenerife is the name of the Android App we developed.

pris ui design

After the App, we had to organise meetings with the locals and explain them how everything worked, how to use the App, including uploading products and making them available so a ‘Push Notification’ comes to all people subscribed for notifications.

For the event I designed a Printed Poster and Social Media Page.

Poster design for PRIS

We designed a small 3D printed trophey to put in the Association to make the project more visible.

Last but not least, I had to put together a promotional video for the project, which can be seen here: