Interior Shoots

Urban Shoots


In the time I worked as a Community Manager and Content Creator for PECA’S – local shoe stores, I was able to help growing the social media following and engaging from 0 to 7k on facebook and from 0 to 2.3k on Instagram. Some of the pictures that we published on @calzadospecas’ social media profiles got reposted by the shoe brands theirselves on their own social media.

And it’s true, it does take a village to manage everything in a successful company. I was not going to be able to achieve anything if it weren’t for the people I had the pleasure to work with, from the Head Office to the Warehouse Crew to the Softwear developers. All of us were in constant connection, planning and managing it all out, so everything can get done at the exact moment.

These images are just a small part of what I did there, but they represent well the level of product photography I was able to achieve in these three very different environments – Interior, Urban an Studio.

*All the Pictures are property of: Calzados PECA’S Tenerife. 

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