Teide HPC

portada teidehpc

ClientITER S.A.
WhenDec 2013
RoleBrand & Web Design
Key Activities

In 2012, the company I worked for, decided to build a Supercomputer and we had to create graphics, presentations, vinyl for the room windows and business cards for the team.

I was in charge of the Logo and Web design and we build the image for Teide HPC so the team could present it on conferences and technological events.

After a lot of sketches and ideation, I come up with this logo which resembles a horizontally lying “Σ” as a symbol of science and it is lying horizontally because it looks like the mountain top “Teide” the two vertical towers are resembling the server blocks that are contracting the Supercomputer. The colors that we decided to use are very basic, usually used in computer graphics cyan, magenta. This simple gradient created the brand statement and was the base of the web design.

The website was published in 2013 and it was build entirely responsive using HTML5, SASS (it was just coming up) and CSS3. It was one of the first to use responsive design in the company.

We also developed paper material like a flyer and a business card using the core design elements.

TeideHPC was an exciting project because it was using the latest available technology of its kind and the challenge of creating a recognizable brand and implement it to make an even bigger statement was all real for us. We used all the latest technology in every aspect to create all of the material about the supercomputer and in the process the team got really close, something worth mentioning.