I was born and raised in Bulgaria with a very playful and careless childhood. Also my head was full of dreams. I have always been a hard worker and a really goal oriented person.

I studied everything there was to be studied in my home town from school to highschool. At the final stage, I got myself into Industrial Design Bachelor’s Degree at my home town’s University in 2004. Years went by, and I was juggling between temporary jobs and education. In 2006 I heard of something called “Erasmus Exchange Students Programme” that sounded very interesting. I found out that there was one spot available for the summer semester and I applied to go to a foreign University far up north in Växjö, Sweden. I took a chance with the application and got accepted.

I received an internship, that helped me pay for it, and sure enough my life changed completely after this experience. I made a lot of great friends from all over the World at the age of 21. I fell in love and ended up living in Tenerife, Canary Islands in 2009. 

Once at the island I had to learn a lot of new stuff, starting from the language. I am fluent in three languages now: Bulgarian, English and Spanish (isn’t this crazy?)

I had to overcome a lot of things, but I can proudly say, I am very happy to be living here.


I started working as a Designer in a Big Company (200+ employees) in the Renewable Energies sector. There I learned how to deal with everything that comes up in real situations. I had to prepare material for print, take pictures, and do web design for the projects of the company. For the eight years spent there, I learned how to work in big and small teams, also how to coordinate between different departments.

In the IT department I had to work in teams with developers to make user interfaces, logos, reports, etc… for different needs of the company. Sadly, most of the projects were in-house and are not available in the open.

Later on, I decided to jump on another adventure and see what’s like to work in other companies, so I went to a very interesting Start-up to lead a Content producing team for a local digital TV channel. It was very cool and exciting, but it was a start up and the project got cancelled before it made it to the outside world.

Another opportunity presented itself for me, a local shoe store chain decided to create their online presence. They also opened their first Online Store and I started to work there and build it from the ground up. They had the website already made, but there was no content, no product photos, no blog posts, no ‘lifestyle’ photos. So, I rolled on my sleeves and started again, producing content and learning what it is like to be on the other side. After a year and half and more than 25k photos taken, I decided I am ready to come back to my real vocation which is creating websites and web related material and making them more human centered.

A little more about me

As I said before, as a child I had a head full of dreams, so I launched myself into persuing them. I love trying out new technology, gadgets and devices. I am starting this blog, so I can share information, help others with similar struggles and I also get to train my writing skills and patience. I think there is a lot to be learned and I am very excited about it. 

I absolutely love the digital world, but I also enjoy a lot making things with my hands. I love to take pictures and eat real food.

Thanks for stopping by. I appreciate it.

Spread love and live happy 🙂